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To achieve SCG vision, one of our strategies is to develop High Value Added Products and Services (HVA) to fulfill consumers’ needs by making life more convenient and improve customers’ standard of living. SCG, a Trustmark of innovative quality in building products and services brand, aims to deliver high-performance products that respond to customers’ needs. Not only the standard of the products that we have applied or improved with the latest technologies, but also the entire process: manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

SCG Smartboard

SCG Smartboard ceiling is the material that covers the area beneath the roof and beneath the upper floor to prevent the heat from the roof and also to cover up the construction materials such as the tubes and wires underneath.

SCG Smartwood

SCG SmartWOOD is a fiber cement wood substitute products of superior quality processed thru a steam and high-pressure system (Autoclave), is part of a technology package that includes the Firm & Flex technology.